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Find data by BTS Freight Data
This is help about the BTS freight data.
Find data by crossing
Data can be viewed by specific border crossing, direction, and mode. To select a crossing, you can zoom in on the map, or use the Crossing drop-down menu to select which port-of-entry you would like data for. If you select "Pacific Highway" you will see cumulative data for this crossing (both directions, all modes). You can refine the results by direction and by mode.
Find data by Custom Query
This is help about the custom query.
Find data by Detector
<p>This section will be <a href="">filled </a>in shortly.</p>
Find data by Report
This is help about choosing a named report.
Freight Note
<p><span lang="EN-CA">The following data is provided courtesy of the <a href="">Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) Bureau of Transportation Statistics North American Transborder Freight Data</a>. Full querying capabilities, other ports, and details are available on their website:<a href=" "> </a>.</span></p>
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